Maybe a new string to my bow.

I have been interested in wood engraving for years, my last fleeting attempt at this craft was a long time ago. I tried engraving on a piece of perspex which I was told would work. I found it impossible and gave up.

A couple of months ago I came across some interesting wood engravings and decided to do some research. I looked at a number of websites and in particular the Society of Wood Engravers, where I found considerable information. I joined the SWE and ordered some tools and a starter pack of wood blocks from Chris Daunt. This pack consists of a number of small pieces of boxwood, lemon wood and maple, ideal for practice cutting.

I also purchased a very good book “Wood Engraving How to Do It” by Simon Brett, which I found very informative and one I would recommend. Another book I found useful is “Graven Image” by John Farleigh.

I practiced on all the small blocks and decided to order some larger lemon wood blocks from Chris Daunt. I used the smallest of these for this composition for which I have original sketches and have painted a watercolour, and thought could make a good subject.

I am pleased with my progress, but fully realise that I have a long way to go. My right hand has some arthritis and holding engraving tools may become more difficult in future but I am determined and keen to learn while I can. I see this experiment in another medium as an addition to my work in pen/ink drawing, watercolour and oil painting, and another way of interpreting my subjects.